Villaggio Marinello is at the foot of Tindari hill, site of an ancient Graeco-Roman town, 60 km from Messina.
It has mini apartments, bungalows, bar, restaurant, supermarket, tennis, table tennis, basket, volleyball facilities, a wind surfing school and a diving centre.
Bungalows are brick buildings with kitchenette, bathroom, sheltered furnished veranda, surrounded by Mediterranean-style gardens and mini apartments.
The atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable and guest can relax and have fun enjoying out-door activities and sports.
Villaggio Marinello strives to offer its guests a pleasant and relaxing holiday.
To offer peaceful conditions for all, we ask guests to follow some basic rules.

ARRIVALS: Management’s authorisation is required to access Villaggio Camping Marinello. Upon arrival, Guests are required to provide their IDs for registration and will then receive instructions on where to go.
Bungalows must be paid in full upon arrival and in the event of an early departure, no refund will be given.
Access to Villaggio Camping Marinello is subject to the acceptance and observance of these rules, of the prices applied and the conditions of payment.
Guests under 18 years old must be accompanied by at least one parent for the entire period of their stay.
Bungalows are available after 16:00 h on the day of arrival and cannot be occupied by more people than they can accommodate.
Before taking possession of the bungalow, guests must pay a €100 deposit per bungalow, sign a form stating that they have read the regulations, sign the form listing the furniture and equipment available and notify Reception within 24 h if anything is missing, broken or there are any other issues with the inventory; after this time, any damages or missing items will be charged.
Upon arrival, guests will receive a Car Pass, which must be displayed inside the vehicle to access the village.
DEPARTURES: Guests are kindly requested to check out in the morning: bungalows must be vacated by 10:00 h and pitches by 12:00 on the day of departure. Guests who do not check out on time will be changed an additional night at the applicable rate.
Before leaving the bungalow, guests must ask Reception to check the bungalow and the inventory list.
Upon checking out, the deposit will be refunded net of any damages, penalties, refunds, etc.
Should guests check out at a time checks cannot be made, the deposit will be returned net of any amounts due within 30 days.
WATER: Guests are kindly requested to limit the consumption of water and not to leave taps open to avoid unnecessary waste.
Washing cars, campers or caravans is forbidden.
Electricity is provided for illumination purposes.
It is forbidden to use appliances other than those provided by the camp site, such as large fridges, washing machines, cookers, irons and high-energy hair dryers.
The system voltage is 220 V.
Electricity connection and its use is the guest’s sole responsibility.
Appliances, electrical equipment and protective devices made available by the Management must be used with diligence.
It is forbidden to remove or change the devices and protections or install systems that do not comply with the applicable legislation and good practice rules (ex. loose or trailing cables, inadequate plugs and outlets, etc.).
Staff are authorised to unplug any non-compliant cables, plugs or outlets without notice.
Camping Villaggio Marinello will not be liable for irregularities or accidents in connection with the use of the electric system.
Guests are required to duly inform the Management or the person in charge of any issues with the devices.
It is forbidden to dig ditches or holes, pour boiling or salty liquids or liquid waste into the ground, light fires outdoors, damage plants, trees or the camp site’s equipment.
To ensure the camp site remains clean and as a matter of respect towards other guests, all litter and waste must be disposed of in the bins provided and guests must tidy up after themselves when using the facilities so they can be use by others after them.
Litter and waste must be put in the bins provided.
SILENCE: Guests use the equipment, playground and other facilities at their own risk and peril.
Guests may access the sports grounds free of charge between 09:00 h and 13:00 h and between 16:00 h and 19:00.
Minors must always be accompanied when using any of the equipment or the toilettes.
Parents are directly responsible for their children.
The Management declines any responsibility.
The use of radio and audio-video devices and any noise that may disturb guests is forbidden between 14:00 h and 16:00 h and 24:00 h and 07:00 h.
Outside these hours, any unnecessary noise should be avoided.
Guests who disturb others may be asked to leave the village.
Visitors must have the Management’s authorisation to access the premises and leave their ID at Reception and pay the daily fee.
IDs will be returned when the visitors leave the premises.
The Management shall not be liable for any accident involving vehicles or parked cars, nor for damages to property and/or people, in particular children, due to carelessness and/or negligence.
Guests must keep their own belonging safe. The Management shall not be liable for the loss and/or theft of property or money.

Pets are welcome if they have a vaccination certificate and are kept on a leash and wear a muzzle (if appropriate) and if, in the absence of their owners, precautions are taken to ensure they do not disturb other guests.
Owners must be properly equipped to clean up after their pets.
In any case, pets cannot access the bar, restaurant, offices and supermarket. Owners are responsible for any damages caused by their pets to property and/or people.

BOOKINGS: Bungalow and caravan pitch bookings (subject to Management acceptance) are valid when a 30% and € 150 for caravan pitch.
The full amount must be paid upon arriving at Camping Villaggio Marinello.
The period booked is binding for both parties and in the event of an early departure guests will have to pay for the entire period booked.


CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations notified to the Management at least 30 days prior to the date booked receive 100% of the deposit back.
The deposit will not be refunded if the cancellation is made less than thirty days prior to the date booked.
Severe measures will be taken against guests who do not comply with these regulations or disturb or disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the village, including the immediate expulsion from the premises..

Staff are authorised to enforce these regulations and notify any irregularities to the Management.
Guests who do not comply with these regulations will be expelled from the village.